Zephyr (formerly Loki) was the missing piece to our family. He is a beautiful soul. He and our one and a half year old pup became immediate best friends. She needed a companion and her days are now filled with play and snuggly naps. He is goofy, when he is feeling extra affectionate he will go head first and slide down the couch to complete a somersault into our lap. He is socializing well. He met a human baby friend that is our neighbor and they love each other.

The first few days home, he wouldn’t make eye contact or engage. But now, his brown eyes stare into ours until our hearts melt. In three weeks, he has learned sit, stay, touch, come, paw, lay down. Potty training is going well, already giving us cues when he needs to go out. Loves his crate! He had his first visit to the vet and charmed everyone there. Vet said he is very healthy.

He is terrified of rain, but not thunder or lightning. We bought him a rain coat so he doesn’t feel the drops and can have fun in the rain, so he is coming around. He cries when we walk just a few steps away but he is learning to settle on his own.

We could go on forever…and guess we have!

Patrick was our counselor. Zephyr wasn’t our first pick, but Patrick encouraged us to take our time, and meet other pups. He was patient with our many questions and got to know us to help find the perfect match. We came in with an idea of the pup we wanted but left with the pup that was meant to be. We will be indebted to him forever.

Thank you and Northeast Animal Shelter…you are changing lives!