Yoshi changed my whole mindset on cats. I went to NEAS only looking to adopt a dog… I walked out with a 9 month old kitten, who is now just over a year old. I was not even a cat person! But Yoshi has absolutely stole my heart in more ways than one.

He is the funniest animal I have ever met and is always cheering me up without even knowing. He loves playing fetch, sticking his tongue out and splashing his paws in water (he is basically a dog).

Yoshi is my shadow- he follows me everywhere I go and sleeps on my pillow every night. He walks me to the door when I leave for work and he greets me when I walk back in.

I just recently adopted a new kitten and he is so loving and accepting. If you’re thinking about adopting, please do it. Even if you think you’re not a “cat person”, these animals will be everything you didn’t know you needed!!!!