We adopted Twinkles and Sugar Plum on September 6, 2019. We were told that we might have a hard time housebreaking them. That was just the opposite. They are on a routine and haven’t had any accidents in the house!

They are super lovey-dovey and love spending time with Mama and Daddy. They follow Mama around everywhere. If they can’t see her, they sit with Daddy and just wait. They love their walks with Daddy and love going to the park.

When they are good boys they get a special treat and sometimes a treat just because. We truly can’t imagine not having these two in our lives. Twinks and Sugar are amazing boys!!! We love them so very much and they’ve made a huge impact on our lives!

They love sleeping on the couch with Mama and love hanging out in the sun room. Twinks loves to hide his toys in his bed and Sugar loves to rough-house with his little brother. They have adjusted amazingly and love everyone they meet.