My papa adopted Mollie (formally known as Corina) on June 9th this year. She lived in the city with him and nana for a little while before deciding that she was much happier in New Hampshire with me, my mom, and my stepdad, where she can live a more active life.

Here she gets to play with her big brother Diggle (who is also a NEAS dog). Mollie and Diggle can freely run in their big backyard and dig holes and play. She loves to jump on and off of the front porch swing to make it move and then lies down and enjoys the rocking. She also loves to go to the lake and play and swim in the water with Diggle.

Mollie loves to visit her papa and nana in the city twice a month where she is loved and spoiled. She has the best of both worlds. She’s both a country and a city girl who has a variety of fun experiences. She is a very smart, agile, fast, energetic, cuddly, and funny pup.

Mollie and Diggle are two peas in a pod and seem to always be using their talents to be up to something. It certainly is a comedy show with the two of them. She loves to get her big brother to chase her, and then quickly dashes and hides under a chair where he can’t reach her. She loves to dig up the bones that he buries and bring them back to him. Sometimes he even shows her where he’s buried them so she can dig them up to give back to him.

She is a master slipper thief, though she doesn’t mind getting caught red handed. In fact, she’s pretty proud of herself. We too are very proud of our little, not so little girl. We couldn’t ask for a better dog and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.