Kyle (formally Bud) fit right into our family as if he was meant for us. My husband and I needed to find a puppy that would be good with our 2 boys ages 6 and 8. We went to the shelter and played with Kyle and his sibling. I knew that he was perfect but we didn’t want to rush, so we took our time and went back the next morning and played with him again. I knew in my heart he was the one. When playing he came over to my younger son and sat right on his lap!

Kyle is lovable; he gives kisses all the time and loves to play with his toys, and chew on bones. He loves to meet new friends, dogs and people alike, and loves walks. He sleeps in his bed at night but then in the early hours cries to come snuggle in the bed… he cries because he can’t climb up yet by himself so he wants us to pick him up and put him on our bed!

He doesn’t care for the car, but I bring special treats and toys for him to make it easier when we go to the vet or drive to our favorite walking trail. Kyle does get nervous about the unknown.. an acorn fell and he ran back on the porch to go inside the same thing happened when he heard chirping!

He is also a quick learner and has learned some basic comments in a short time. He is everything we could ask for! My boys play fetch with him after school and on weekends and he fits right in. Can’t picture our life without him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!