After a tough year without a dog (we lost our family companion), we found the tiniest and most adorable baby on the earth.

We adopted Halo (formerly known as Piper) in July at roughly 11 weeks old. Now at about 4 months old, she’s grown into such a tall, sweet and smart girl! Slowly, but surely, coming out of her shy shell, Halo makes us prouder everyday as she hurdles over small fears she once had – leaving the yard, going for car rides, walks, etc.- and how well she picks up new tricks – along with being fully housebroken, she can sit, stay, lay down, give both paws, speak and roll over as she’s two weeks shy of becoming a puppy school graduate!

Belly rubs are the way to this girl’s heart, as she’ll flop on her back with her paws up, waiting for you. Halo’s love and friendliness will cure any bad day you’ve ever had. She is in the process of learning to love her feline brother and sister, but you know puppies…boundaries are a difficult thing to learn. But we have faith in our angelic girl.

We are so thankful that we have found a furry friend through NEAS.