Mia is our little cutie pie!! My boyfriend and I adopted Mia after searching for a dog for almost a month. She was four months (almost six now) and she adjusted so well, so quickly!

The adoption process was a breeze and we met Mia and we took her home that same day. Since taking Mia home, we have introduced her to friends, other dogs, and a million places.

Mia LOVES the beach, car rides (although that took a while to get use to), and snuggles in bed. We receive compliments daily on her good temperament and her loving personality. People constantly ask where we got her trained and we always say we’re just so lucky and there has been no formal training, this is just how she adjusted to her new home.

Mia is so smart, she listens, she’s house broken, and she is an absolute doll. We could not be more pleased and can’t wait to keep building memories with our little love bug as she grows up!!