Just like people, pets are consoled by familiar things in times of despair.


Nine-year old Mookie arrived at our Shelter with an unusual memento of her beloved owner – a pair of camouflage pants.  You see, her owner was a military veteran who had recently passed away.

Poor Mookie had a really hard time settling in.  She was terrified and would hide in her room most of the day. Clearly heartbroken, Mookie never let those pants out of her sight.  They were her only source of comfort in a new and unfamiliar situation. Which is why one of our amazing volunteers turned the pants into a blanket, hoping it would provide the security Mookie needed.

We knew that Mookie would eventually adjust to her new surroundings – she just needed time and patience. Our hunch was right.  She slowly started to relax and began welcoming visitors into her room – though still from a comfortable distance! 

Mookie loved watching the hustle and bustle of our Shelter lobby from her room and having volunteers read poetry while she cuddled with her blue stuffed bunny and new but familiar-smelling blanket.  We’d often find her sprawled on her back, snoozing with her paws covering her eyes – perhaps dreaming of finding a new loving family of her own.

And eventually she did!  Although it took a few months, Mookie (and her blanket) found a furever home.

Your support enables pets like Mookie to remain in our Shelter for as long as they need in order to find the right home.