When we first walked around the shelter, it was overwhelming. How could we pick just one?

While walking around one little pup especially caught our eyes. Frodo (formerly known as Benji) was sitting, as close to the front of his crate he could get, looking up at us. He stared into our eyes, waged his little tail, and we instantly fell in love!

Within seconds of playing with this little man, he had our hearts. We decided to take him home!

Frodo has been a quick learner, a goofball, and such a sweetheart. Those eyes and that face still melt our hearts each and every day! He loves anyone he meets and absolutely loves going to his puppy playgroup. We are beyond thankful to have him as a part of our family, and truly look forward to watching him continue to grow!

Thank you NEAS for helping us find our little man!