Our family finally made the decision to adopt a dog, so on Mother’s Day we visited the Northeast Animal Shelter. This was our first time even looking at dogs. My husband told us, “Now this is our first day looking. You can’t fall in love with the first dog you meet.” Too bad for him, because Lansky (formerly Rascal) was the first dog we asked to visit with. We clicked right away!

Now after almost two months, it’s like he’s always been part of the family. He sleeps cuddled with my son. During the day, he likes to curl up next to me as a I work. He’s not a barker… unless there’s a chipmunk nearby or he smells someone eating meat.

Lansky LOVES food, and will look at you with those big eyes as you eat, begging for a piece of whatever you’re eating. He loves running around doing everything he can to escape his leash (we need to keep a close eye on him, as he’s been successful in escaping his harness on a few occasions), sticking his snout into holes looking for chipmunks, and sleeping next to one of us.

Not sure how we lived so long without him! He’s absolutely part of the family now.