After moving away from my parents in PA and living without a dog for a few years, I was finally able and ready to adopt my own. When I visited Northeast Animal Shelter I was expecting to just meet a dog or two. However, when I meet Georgia she was a little skid-ish and shy – she had been surrendered just a few hours earlier – but was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. So I brought her home with me the following morning.

She has adjusted so well over the past month! Georgia loves to cuddle, pawing at you for more pets and scratches. She loves going for walks and being outside. She doesn’t seem all that interested in balls or squeak toys, but loves to run around. We went on a short hike, Georgia had so much fun; she didn’t know what to sniff first.

While Georgia is well trained already, we are working on a few things like DOWN and refining her recall skills with distractions around. It’s difficult now imagining life without Georgia Peach; she fits right in.