I adopted Dudley (named Davos at the time) about 3 months ago when he was just 15 weeks old. I had visited NEAS a couple times previously, but never found a dog I completely fell in love with (not to say they weren’t amazing doggos, if I could I would adopt all the good boys and girls). But, when I saw Dudley with his floppy feet and little nerdy puppy beard I knew that he was just the quirky dog I wanted to take home.

We had brought our dog up with us to see how he might interact with a new puppy and to be honest, our older dog did not take it well at first and I was terrified that we might not be able to take Dudley home. The first night I brought Dudley into his forever home he was very shy and just wanted to be snuggled up against me. But, within a week, Dudley’s whole personality began to show through. Of course, he was still that snuggly pup I met at the shelter, but he was also so brave and adventurous too.

Dudley is also extremely smart. We have had our past dog for seven years now, and he never figured out how to swim, knock down our puppy gates or open doors. Dudley figure this out in 3 days. Dudley goes with me and his dog dad practically everywhere.

We love to hike together, visit dog parks where he’s best friends with even the most timid dogs, and even play with our older dog who once despised this little floppy fur ball. But most of all, Dudley likes to visit the summer camp I work at. There are four other camp dogs there who have become his favorite play mates; and let’s not forget about all the pets and belly rubs he gets from the kids.

Dudley has become the sunshine on a rainy day for so many people in his life and we all look forward to his sloppy kisses and puppy runs. He grows (literally and figuratively) every single day into a more adventurous and crazy doggo. He even ran straight through a screen door once in his fit of excitement  (no harm can to him only the door!). 

I am so thankful to have adopted Dudley. Here is a picture of him during his first trip to the beach! If you’d like to stay updated on his adventures feel free to follow his instagram @Dudley.the.doggo.