We fell in love with Waylon (now Hank) the moment we set eyes on him. When we took him out and he hooked his little paw over our hands we were goners.

Since his adoption on May 4 he’s grown ENORMOUSLY. At four-months old he’s already taller than his big sis, Wendy, and nearly as heavy at around 33 pounds. He loves to chase Wendy around and he loves morning cuddles. He doesn’t seem to mind his crate at all, and has been such a well-behaved little man (minus the few expected accidents as he got used to the house).

He’s had his first bath, and found himself the happy member of a new dog pack (see pictured: Big sis Wendy and his cousins, Comet and Cupid the golden retrievers).

We’re in love and Hank seems to be wiggle-butt happy with his new home and family.