Bear (formerly known as Archie) has been with us for about three months now, and we simply can’t imagine our lives without him. It didn’t take long for his unique personality to shine through after bringing him home with us. In addition to his sweet and loving disposition, Bear is perhaps even more curious, adventurous, and silly! Bear comes with me to work most days of the week, and has stolen the hearts of my coworkers, as well. Once we arrive to the office in the morning, Bear completes his “morning rounds” where he goes from office to office greeting each person. Once a week Bear takes a “personal day” and goes to camp to play with his four-legged friends, and always comes home happy, tired and muddy!

Much like his humans, Bear is truly himself when he is outdoors. He is practically a different dog in the woods! Bear loves exploring hiking trails alongside us, and is particularly fond of climbing rocks and tromping through rivers and streams. Bear is also an avid mountain biker, and accompanies his Dad on these excursions, as well. Bear looks forward to visiting his Pop and Noni, where he plays in the lake in their backyard, and even goes on boat rides! While he is there, he loves to play with (and pester) Jasmine and Josie (Newfoundlands).

When Bear isn’t swimming, hiking, and biking, he loves snuggling with his humans. He has quickly grown in size and hasn’t quite figured out that he no longer fits into places he once could, like our lap (and soon, our bed). His favorite toy is anything with a squeaker, but he’d really rather play with shoes and slippers. On special occasions, he gets to play with empty water bottles, and goes crazy for the crinkly sound it makes.

Thank you NEAS for bringing Bear into our lives! The love we have for our goofy woodland creature is insurmountable!