Did you know you can sponsor a senior or special needs pet’s adoption fee?

Recently, a bighearted donor sponsored Daryl’s fee – his story is below. The adopters are not informed of this act of kindness until the adoption is finalized, but you can imagine their surprise and grateful appreciation! If you would like to sponsor an adoption, please contact Jenna at or 978-745-9888 ext. 301.

Daryl’s Journey Home

Daryl, a stately, older hound dog, was found wandering out on the road alone and brought to the local police station. He eventually ended up at Waynesboro Animal Control in Georgia, where he waited for months, his fate unknown.

Luckily for Daryl, two NEAS staff members were on a road trip to visit our rescue partners down South, where they met Daryl and decided to bring him back to our Shelter. After his arrival, a kind donor stepped up to sponsor Daryl’s adoption fee, as well as his medical expenses. 

Soon after, a family in Michigan saw him on our Facebook page and knew right away that Daryl was meant for them… They even drove over 1,500 miles to pick him up! These days Daryl is getting along very well with his fur sister, and he loves the couch as much as he loves to go on long walks! It’s heartwarming to know his golden years will be his happiest.