Our Potion, formerly known as Tami is everything our family could have ever hoped for. She adjusted instantly to her new home and her three kitty housemates Voodoo, Hocus and Pocus.

She spends her days either cuddled up with one of us, being mischievous and stealing socks from the laundry or running laps with her favorite neighbor next door Lady (formerly Lady Diva).

Potion loves lounging on her pillow bed with her favorite toys. She has made the space behind the couch into her den where all her prized possessions are kept.

We were very happy to find when we ran a Wisdom Panel on our amazing pup that she is 50% Weimaraner and 50% Boxer, which more than explains her super playful, rambunctious ways. She is growing so well. When we brought her home she was 9 lbs, and she is now 35 lbs and counting.

After bringing Potion into our home, we have decided that bringing another rescue is a wonderful idea and will complete our family. We look forward to working with Northeast Animal Shelter in the near future!