Blondie now goes by Cam or Cammy. She has been AWESOME! We love her so much.

She has adjusted great. Loves her new home and running around the yard and house. She has a great appetite and snores away on her bed, in front of the fireplace or in the sun peeking in through the porch doors. She loves snuggling between my wife and I late nights on the couch. Behind her ear really gets the leg moving when you scratch her!

She loves playing with our son who is 8 months old. Every time he cries, she comes right over to make sure he is okay. She bring her toys over to him to share and try and play – haha. Obviously our son can only do so much with his motor skills still developing.

Everyone at the vets office loves her. They remember her every time. She loves going to the groomers for baths and nail trimming. Does great with them. They love her as well. She mostly sleeps in the crate with a nice bed in it in our bedroom. Once in a while she’ll come up to the bed, but has taken very well to training. She is potty trained, crate trained and has learned to sit and somewhat give paw.