My husband had never been much of an animal person when we first met, but in the past few years he warmed up to the idea of adopting a cat and we came to NEAS. We weren’t thinking of getting a really little kitten (maybe a cat around 1+yrs old), but then we found Pishi and knew he needed to come home with us.

My husband had never had a pet in his life and didn’t really “get” the love people feel towards their animals. After bringing Pishi home, he took to my husband immediately and they have been best buddies ever since. Whether my husband is studying, cooking, cleaning, or relaxing with a movie, Pishi is right by his side with the most precious look of adoration I have ever seen in an animal. I believe my husband may actually be a “cat person” now.

When Pishi is not snuggling with his favorite human, he is snoozing in his cat tree, chattering at birds from the window, or defending the household from an infestation of toy mice. He is the sweetest boy and has brought so much love into our home. I hope everyone has the opportunity to find their Pishi.