We’ve always been a multi-pet family and lost our oldest dog (age 14) and oldest cat (age 15) within 2 days of each other in late November. Crazy to think that with one remaining dog and 3 remaining cats the house still felt empty.

In December we adopted the next dog to become part of our family. About a month ago we visited NEAS to meet an adult cat I was interested in. He had been an only cat, was timid and would not have been a good fit for our family. We then met Elizabeth and fell in love with her.

Elizabeth, now known as Izzy is the perfect fit. She is sweet and cuddly, and has totally won over her 3 feline brothers, dog brother and sister. Our December rescue dog, Sasha thinks Izzy is her baby and Sasha is definitely Izzy’s favorite. They wear each other out playing and running through the house, then snuggle up together to rest up.

Even though Izzy has only been with us for a month we can’t imagine life without her. She fills our days with laughter and smiles and is loved by all.