I had found Northeast Animal Shelter to be an absolute pleasure when it came to the adoption process; I appreciate being united with Candy who is now known as Callie.

When I first brought Callie homeI had left the door open to the room she was staying in, and she took a step out just to see all the goodies I had bought her, and she dove right in to the fun! On our first night together I had climbed into bed where Callie then jumped right up and slept on my head.

I am in a wheelchair and it is amazing and wonderful that Callie doesn’t seem to mind that; I love that Callie follows me wherever I am going in the house and it just makes things feel a little less lonely and I couldn’t be any happier. Callie even does well with the litter box!

If you want to hear something funny; well I was under the impression that Cats detested water; well If I have water running in my sink I was surprised to see that Callie was drinking out of the faucet! What is even funnier is that I would be in the shower and next thing you know Callie jumps in the shower with me enjoying the water. I never expected this to happen, but it just makes me love her even more; I love my darn cat Callie.

Thank you so much giving me this opportunity; I couldn’t be anymore happy.