Mittens and Mocha have adjusted very well to their new home! They were a bit skittish for the first few days, but now are quite comfortable in their new house.

We can’t believe their energy level at times; they gallop around the house together and love to wrestle. We’ve had to retrieve a number of fallen objects and have, therefore, gotten better at kitty-proofing the house! But we love how closely they stick together. They play together and sleep together; so sweet.

We entertained a lot of family at our house over the holiday season and the kittens were the highlight for all. As long as there weren’t TOO many people in the house at once, they joined the gatherings.

We have told a lot of people how impressed we were with the staff and facility at Northeast Animal Shelter. All of the animals clearly receive high quality care. Those that end up there are very fortunate! Keep up the good work.

As you can see, they are comfortable throughout the house now!