When we first decided to get a dog, we knew we wanted a rescue pup and decided to check out the Northeast Animal Shelter to simply “just look around”… Of course as soon as we set eyes on Harry (originally Sammy) we knew we’d be heading directly to the nearest pet store to grab a leash, crate and food so we could take him home ASAP!

We were instantly in love with his calm personality which, as he’s settled into our home in the last year, has developed into a playful, smart and sometimes hilariously goofy demeanor. He loves every dog and human he meets and always makes people laugh when he bounds into a dog park like a kangaroo on his two hind legs, his front paws high and his tail happily wagging!

People always say he’s lucky to have been rescued but we feel like the lucky ones to have found such a sweet, loyal, happy pup!