Spencer (formerly Lego) is so smart, he learned his new name so quickly.  He and our other dog Abby (who we also adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter) love each other, they are two peas in a pod.   

Spencer has overcome any anxiety or fearfulness. When we first took him home, he would dart out of the room whenever the TV made a loud noise (we were worried we would never see him at night when the TV was on!), but after about two months of living with us, he now never leaves the room when the TV is on and he always sits (plops) in Dad’s lap (usually under a blanket) when we are watching TV.  In fact, he is not afraid of any loud noises!

He loves going for walks (not in the rain!) and lets us easily dress him in sweaters when it is cold outside.  He loves car rides, food, treats and chewing on a good bacon flavored Nylabone.  He really, really, loves snuggling under blankets.  He and Abby are always at the door when we come home wiggling their buts in excitement.