We adopted Tessie (formerly Deucy) on 11/10/2018. She is settling in nicely and is a total love bug; albeit, a mischievous one! She loves the beach, rides in the car and walks (though she needs work on her leash- she’s quite the puller!). We have started basic training classes this week and so far, so good.

Tessie is also wonderful in her crate where she currently sleeps through the night w/no issues. She has been to the dog park twice and is a bit timid but we will work on that. She is pretty friendly with the neighborhood dogs. She is quite the chewer and will pretty much eat anything if not watched closely- no soft toys for this girl.

Tessie has gained 4.2 lbs and is no longer all ribs since joining our family. She is a big hit at my office and comes to work with me a couple of afternoons per week. I think she loves us as much as we love her. Tess is a great girl!