Tack (formerly Milo) learned to get along with our dog, Luff (also from NEAS) shockingly quickly (within a week). Luff is a pretty docile pup still and Tack is very social, so it worked out well.
Tack even lets Luff groom him. We’ve found Tack wet from a Luff cleaning a few times. Tack seems to purr the loudest with attention from Luff. They play together and Tack is definitely the instigator on play sessions and he is exceptionally playful.
Tack follows us around the house and when we have guests over he likes to be apart of the action. Our guests are surprised by his friendly disposition. He enjoys being held, snuggling with everyone, and climbing in the Christmas Tree. 
He is in great health and the vets office really liked how friendly he was at his first visit. He has adjusted to his new home very well and is a good eater and litter box user.