Sheriff is adjusting great!  To our pleasant surprise – he was crate trained before we brought him home.  He has had zero accidents.  So that let us get right to obedience training.  While he is doing well picking it up, he is one smart little bugger and finds ways around stuff!  For instance, he isn’t allowed on the coach upstairs, so he jumps over it so he can look out the bay window!

Sheriff came right at the perfect time for our family.  We had lost our previous dog in January.  For months our oldest boy was having a really hard time adjusting to life without his beloved dog.  We made the decision that the only way he was going to get out of his funk was to have a new friend.  Within a few days we were at Northeast Animal Shelter and Sheriff was coming home.  They have formed a strong bond already, and while my son still misses his previous dog, he is not dwelling on the sad but rather remembering the good times.

He is the perfect fit for our family.  He is goofy like the 6 year old, smart like my 10 year old and a snuggler like me!  Our only trouble is there are very few toys he can play with without destroying within 30 seconds.  What a chewer – luckily we found out about elk antlers and they are perfect for him!