We have a long history of cats with Disney names so Adele is now Lilo. She has been a great addition to the family and brings a lot of energy to the household.

Most days she spends several hours at a time playing ball, or running around the whole house. We have about a dozen balls spread throughout the house and at any given time she will play with them or pick them up and run around with them in her mouth. She tends to like grabbing things and running with them. Some days it is the balls but today it was an oversized roll of toilet paper, and the other day it was a pot holder! Last week she wanted to play with a 2 liter bottle of soda. So she has provided us with some funny moments!

She also will play fetch bringing the ball back every time and dropping it in yours hands. She is very vocal and makes various noises as she runs through the house. Sometimes she is clumsy and jumps and misses a chair or perch which just adds to her personality. She is eating well, was fine at her check up with the vet, and seems to love having room to move around.

We are so happy that we picked her. We are also very thankful to NEAS and the shelter staff for caring for her while she waited for a permanent home.