We love  Hank the Tank (formerly Helmet)!!! He is feisty, sweet and full of snuggle hugs, kisses and lots of love!

He was adopted by us but is also being loved by my whole big Irish Family! Hank enjoyed Thanksgiving with over 20 family members and two dog cousins! Hank is beyond blessed and we are too!

Hank has some big paws to fill…his big brother was 14 when we had to say goodbye last February, we also adopted his big brother, Turner (formerly known as JEM) from your shelter and Turner was our baby boy that we loved so much for 14 years So, Hank will be just fine here in this loving family.

We couldn’t be more in love! Hank likes heat vents, fireplaces, TV snuggle time, playing fetch, running in figure eights.
Hank dislikes rain, snow, cold days and when Momma says no to tug of war games.