“Buffy,” who is now called Abby, is doing amazing. We are totally in love with her. She has so much love to give to us.

It is such a different experience with a dog because we are used to raising cats. She snuggles us in bed and sometimes doesn’t like when we have to put her in her crate because she wants to be by our sides constantly.

She has really learned to go outside and even sit by the door when she has to go to the bathroom. She has such a personality and even loves the snow.

Our cats are still adjusting but they are able to eat their meals together and sit next to one another. This week we started her in doggy daycare and she loved it. She was completely wiped after coming home.

In January we are starting her in puppy classes even though she knows sit, down and stay already. We are so thankful for her and the experience we had at the Northeast Animal Shelter. It was totally worth the hour and forty minute drive it took us to get there!