Beethoven (now named Crash) is doing great! He is incredibly smart, affectionate, and eager to learn – he has been very easy to train, and has adapted to his new home quickly. He does have some dog reactivity, which we were notified about pre-adoption, but we have been going through a weekly training course with him and this has made a big difference.

He gets along great with our cats, and simply adores people! He loves going to the beach and romping in the waves, wrapping himself in blankets and getting cozy, going for daily runs with my husband, or just hanging out with the cats by the window and watching the world go by. He has an insatiable love for both playing and training, which we have been happy to oblige. Our youngest cat is also excited to have a new playmate!

We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Crash, and been given the chance to bring him into our home. He is a wonderful fit for us, and so quickly became a natural and much loved member of our family. It’s hard to remember life without him!

We had a great experience adopting through Northeast, and would absolutely go through your shelter in the future, if and when it’s time for us to add to our family again. 🙂