Candy HATED her name (and we didn’t love it either) so we changed it to Queenie and she responds very positively! She’s learning the routine very quickly and loves to be around the family! She’s a destructive chewer so we’re constantly buying her new toys to try and find the perfect solution and it seems like we’ve found some that last longer than a day.

We’re happy to report her mouthy behavior is improving. She still uses her mouth in play but with discouragement she’s lessened quite a bit. The only negative we’ve seen is that certain people, generally tall men, make her very nervous. Her fur stands on end, and she gets very protective of myself and my young daughter. However, with time, she warms up. She’s still struggling to get the cat to like her, but I’m certain it’ll happen with time.

Queenie is a sweet girl who just wants love and attention, and the family that gave her up doesn’t know what a wonderful dog they’re missing out on.

We’re very happy with our new pup and with our experience!