Justine, now known as Luisa, a.k.a Lulu bear, is doing very well at our home in Swampscott.  Lulu has a healthy appetite both for food and love… she loves treats and and lots of attention alike.  Lulu has adjusted to sleeping in a crate; however she prefers to sleep with my oldest daughter at the foot of a comfy bed.

Lulu is great with young children.  She also loves to run around in circles inside the house and in the backyard.  Initially, Lulu was very quiet and low energy but as she started to feel connected to our home she started to be protective towards new people who visited us.  This was a new behavior that surfaced, so we connected with a wonderful trainer, Scott Williams, from Beyond the Leash.  Scott visited us at home and gave us some tips on how to train Lulu.  

Lulu has been making major improvements and she is able to socialize with family visiting from out of town and friends who stop by.

We are happy that Lulu picked us!  We are very lucky to have her in our family. 🐶