Roper (formerly Raphael, right in the photo) was adopted as a puppy by my parents in June 2017. He was kept with the kittens at NEAS, as he was very nervous around loud noises and barking. He has blossomed into a well-adjusted, attentive, social, energetic pup who always looks forward to his next country walk or romp in the yard. He brightens up their day, and helps keep them on their toes!

We adopted Shadeaux (formerly spelled Shadow, left in the photo) the following month, July 2017. We had been looking for a young medium-sized dog for our city condo, but a very wise counselor at NEAS suggested we take a look at one of the recent local surrenders. He was 4 ½ at the time, and a hefty 98 lbs. We felt right about bringing him home from the first moment, and he has been the perfect addition to our family. He has become quite the local favorite in our neighboring East Boston park as he has played, run, and chased his way down to a lean and strong 87 lbs.

We especially like when Roper and Shadeaux can spend time together, as they act just like brothers. This picture was taken this past weekend. We look forward to many more moments like this!