We just adore Aspen!  He has a very easy and mellow temperament around our three children, sleeps well in his crate at night and is enjoying our yard space for playtime.  We’ve been taking him on short outings, walks and to the playground where he is interacting with other dogs, children and unfamiliar adults.  He’s enjoyed meeting most people and has remained fairly calm even during busy periods.

Sometimes he takes a few minutes to warm up to a stranger or another dog, but he has not shown any aggressive behavior.  Aspen really enjoys the attention of children and loves to play!  

He has learned to sit and not to jump on visitors.  Our Maltese gets a little angry when he tries to play with her, but he respects her place fairly quickly.  We plan to enroll in puppy school soon to reinforce our at-home training.  

He’s been a fantastic addition to our family!  We look forward to our future with him!