Ivan is now called Zeke. The name Ivan just did not float my boat.  

He loves to tear plastic plants out of my planters. They are all over my house!. His feline sister Tabitha gives him a bath at least once a day. Sometimes it turns into a wrestling match. Often they run from one end of the apartment to the other. They sound like little horses on the floors. My entire apartment is covered in kitten toys. And Zeke is quite adventurous. Do not leave a drawer or cabinet open! LOL

Zeke and my white cat Tabitha are getting along very well. My 6-year-old black cat Sabrina is not too sure about him yet. He tries to sit close to her but she is a little more standoffish which is fine.  Zeke and Tabitha love to play in and around my shower curtain which is not my favorite thing they do. But that is small potatoes.

A funny story…  I have a second floor screened in porch and I created a kitty window for them to go in and out. One day I washed some sweaters and put them out on a drying rack. I removed baby Zeke once from around the rack and told him no. Later I found him lying across my clean sweaters – how he climbed a lightweight metal drying rack I have no idea. Cute little brat!