I’m delighted to have a chance to gush about my little girl.

Mary has adjusted very well here and is purring on my lap as I type. She eats well and is not fussy about her food and now weighs 6.6 pounds. She never fails to uses the litter box. For the most part Mary is not shy when people come to visit and everyone adores her. She is active and enjoys playing with her toys, both by herself and interactively. The most surprising thing is that I seem to have the only cat with an aversion to cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard scratching posts. She much prefers my furniture but she is very good about letting me trim her nails; so until I find a surface scratcher she approves of I will just keep on top of her need for pedicures. She was rather skittish at first, afraid of hands reaching down to her and around people’s feet, especially when she’s eating, but that had lessened now.

Let me tell you the story of how I fell in love with her although I was strongly against ever having another cat. I met Mary during one of my volunteer shifts when she was brought in from her foster home. Unlike her siblings Peter and Paul she was shy and hung out at the back of her cage but she was friendly and affectionate when held. Just another sweet kitty, I thought.

The next week I saw her she had been spayed and was “adoption pending.” I held her on my lap for quite a long time and somewhere during that session we locked gazes and it was like an electric shock went through me—I felt that we had bonded, and when I saw that she left for her new home a few days later I actually cried. I said a little prayer that if it didn’t work out for her I would adopt her, never expecting it to happen.

When my fellow volunteer Carrie texted me that she was back on the website just as I was leaving for NEAS the next Wednesday, I was ecstatic! As soon as I arrived I went to her cage and grabbed her blue card. Afraid that maybe she had a Jekyll and Hyde type of personality I asked Elizabeth at the front desk why she was returned. Upon hearing that her previous adopter thought she just wasn’t a good fit and wasn’t eating enough, I knew that we were meant for each other. 

I met her on a Wednesday, fell in love with her on a Wednesday, and took her home on a Wednesday — my new favorite day of the week!