I would like to start off by thanking Julie for her help and knowledge in the adoption process. Despite the research we had done, she gave us so much great advice that it made the transition easier for all of us.

“Lyssa” is going by “Lady” now and she is doing great. She is such a smart girl and is doing well with training through positive reinforcement. She has done amazing with crate training and potty training; she’s only had a few minor accidents in the house. She has learned come, sit, and bed already and we are working to reinforce the command every time it’s said. 

She has been great around our family, even our young niece and nephew. She has interacted with a few dogs (so far only family dogs we know are properly vaccinated) and has been playful without being aggressive. She enjoys playing with her different toys, especially her tennis ball (which if you remember she wouldn’t go near at NEAS).

We had a visit with our vet who absolutely loved Lady and said she was in perfect health. Her puppy piaderma has cleared up, she was vaccinated against Lyme disease, and has a follow up appointment next week for he last distemper shot.

She really has become my sidekick very quickly. She sleeps in her bed on the floor right next to us, she loves car rides to visit family members, and wants to sit in your lap for belly rubs while we watch TV.

We are still working on learning to walk without pulling and teaching her that not everything in site is a chew toy. Otherwise she is a great lovable companion that just wants to be around people that care about her. I can’t believe somebody would abandon such an amazing pet, but we are so glad we could take her home and give her the love and attention she deserves.

Thanks again for all your time and help.

PS Minerva (our cat) still is not amused, but they are learning to get along and getting better with each other every day.