Little Diesel is doing great!!! He’s found a great home and he’s very spoiled. Ha ha. He has such a great personality.

He’s very protective of his personal space with dogs that have come over, but hasn’t done anything but bark. More like territorial. It’s ok, we are working with him on that. We are signing up for puppy training classes in the next few weeks.

I’ve taken him on walks to the lake or in parks and let his leash down and he stays right with me. Outside of the house he is great with other dogs, and he loves everyone he meets. He is such a joy, and he means so much to our little family. He gets hugs and kisses from everyone a hundred times a day.

We bought him a treat that he was scared of at first. He was jumping around wagging his tail and barking at it for 2 days, and tonight he finally learned that it’s a treat and a chew toy. He’s a prince for sure, and is treated like royalty.