We have renamed Abbey.  We now call her Libby! She responds perfectly to her name and knows it well.

She is doing very well adjusting to our home.  She is still very playful and puppy-like. She has met our cat Frizzle who we also adopted from NEAS. They like each other a lot and like to play.

Libby is still learning her own strength when it comes to playing with Frizzle or with us. But Frizzle enjoys having a friend to play with and knows when to tell her he’s tired.

She often play bites, which we are trying to teach her not to do and this has been a bit difficult. However she is very friendly and loves to meet new people and especially new dogs. She has met a few of our friends’ pups and many of the neighbors’ dogs and enjoys going on walks with them.

We have a large park and fenced in area next to our home which she likes to walk around and do lots of smelling! There are a ton of bunnies that live in the park and she always gets excited to sniff them out. We have taken her for  a couple long nature walks and she has done great. She has a lot of energy and is very sweet and loving. She loves us already and knows that we are her parents and we all love her! We sent an email to the foster mom as well giving them an update late week, it was great that she provided her email to us to do so I think she enjoyed hearing how she is doing.