We renamed China to Chyna (ha ha).  It wasn’t too challenging keeping her calm while she recovered from her heart worm.  It was the end of winter and there was so much snow on the ground that there was not a lot of places to run. 

We soon realized how intelligent Chyna is and she quickly mastered SIT, STAY, DOWN, PAW, STAND, etc.  When spring broke we began to discover what she really likes.  We quickly realized that any toy that has stuffing doesn’t last long around Chyna. It seems her goal is to DE-stuff the toy! 

The toy she loves the most is a tennis ball – and funny thing it HAS to be a WILSON tennis ball or she tears it up.  We have tennis ball launchers and of course the “Chuck It” became a daily necessity.  Chyna LOVES the beach, the sand and smells, the water although not so much when waves crash over her head.  She chases her tennis ball and has learned how to behave on the beach responsibly.  Chyna is enrolled in Play All Day doggie day care for the few times we might take a day trip.

Recently and after much positive reinforcement, we have taught Chyna how to swim in our pool.  We have so much fun throwing the ball in our yard and playing in the pool when it’s hot.  By Chyna being able to cool herself off in the pool, we are much more comfortable spending time outside on those hot summer days.  When she’s not at the beach or in the pool, she and my husband like to walk in Stratham Hill Park where she runs and plays with other dogs. She has become the most wonderful addition to our family, energetic, bright, full of personality and not surprising, she’s a “foodie”!  Oh and when she’s tired, she’ll sleep in just about any position she lands.

Chyna has gained about 15 pounds, all of which she needed.  She’s very muscular and even more beautiful than when we first met her.

Thank you for all your assistance in adopting Chyna.  Although I someday hope that animal shelters are no longer needed, I admire the work you all do.  WE LOVE CHYNA!!!