After graduating college and moving back home, I convinced my mom (and new landlord) that I should adopt a dog to fill our quiet home. She suggested a small female, but two days after coming home myself… Atticus moved in… a young male puppy that at the time weighed 17lbs. and at 5 months is now a whopping 47lbs…

Even so he has done nothing but make us happy and full of love. Atticus loves to go for walks in downtown Newburyport and through Maudsley Park, but even more than that he loves to give kisses and cuddle. Atticus is the highlight of any day and he couldn’t be a more special dog. We recently took a vacation where we stayed in a rented house on the beach and Atticus had such a blast digging in the sand and finding new smells, and he behaved beautifully in the new environment.

We wouldn’t change a thing about him and are constantly excited to see him learn and experience new things!

P.S. Atticus (formerly Cornelius) is a “collie mix” whose mother is Sallie — a female from Georgia who had her puppies while in foster care at NEAS. If any of Atticus’s family reads this and wants to have a play date please feel free to contact me!