We’ve been busy having fun with our sweet Tilly! She has adjusted so well. She is already potty trained and sleeps through the night. She loves the dog park and plays great with the other dogs. Her best friend is a boxer named Luna. They can play for hours.

She is very popular around our apartment complex, and everyone calls me Tilly’s mom – ha ha. She took a trip with me to Niagara Falls last weekend and got to meet her grandparents (who are obsessed with her and wanted to take her home with them).

Moving from Michigan in December to a new state has not been easy. Making new friends has been difficult and there were moments where I wanted to give up here all together. Not trying to get sappy but Tilly has really changed that. She gets me out of the house and we have been exploring new places. She has really made an amazing impact on my life. I love her so much and want to thank you guys for making her adoption a smooth and awesome experience!

Thank you guys!!