Hoshi is 17 months old and has been with me for the past year (it will be one year on June 7th).

She is the most amazing creature on earth, in my eyes. Hoshi is eternally happy, friendly, playful, curious and warm.

I adopted her last year, as I am an empty nester now. However, shortly after adopting my young pup last year, I broke my wrist and had to be in a cast for almost 2 months (which made training my little one particularly challenging as a “single puppy parent”). We got over the rough spots though, and have made it through our first year together with grace and lots of love.

Initially I could not imagine keeping her (with the physical challenges and my novice’s ignorance about dog care), but we soon became best buddies and the rest is history. Now I can’t imagine life without her.

Thank you Hoshi, for bringing endless joy to my life, and thanks also to the supportive staff at NEAS (notably Jenna B.). Life is good, we are blessed!!😍