I renamed Tigger to be called Clementine, Clem for short, and she’s an awesome addition to our household. She’s super curious, get’s into EVERYTHING (including the trash can!), loves to snuggle, and has charmed her way into my other cat’s, Chewy’s, heart. She really is a sweet little lady, and the vet says she might have some Maine coon in her because of her long tail and long, tufty ear hair. I think she looks like a pretty little lynx. 

So far no health issues! She got a great report from the vet, and we’ll be going back in about a month to get rabies and her final distemper.  As far as eating and sleeping are concerned? That tiny little lady has NO issues with her appetite! And she looooves to sleep by my feet at night. So cute. She’s the queen of the household!

I had a great experience taking her home from your shelter, and I’ve recommended it to my friends since this experience. It’s clear that you all take your work with the animals very seriously and take pride in what you do, and that makes a big difference to me. So, thanks for your assistance and expertise. Little Clem seems pretty happy here, and we love having her.