Our new family member is an absolute love!  We changed his name from Mork to Cattivo, or Tivo for short.  We chose that name for a couple of reasons.  (1) A play on the spelling CATtivo (haha), (2) it means “fresh little one” in Italian. 

He really isn’t fresh, just a bit mischievous as most any kitten would be. He’s funny, he’s cuddly, we all love him – even my tutoring students look for him when they come in the afternoon.  They are always disappointed if Cattivo isn’t around when we start working, but he inevitably shows up after a while when he hears voices and decides he has to be part of the action! 

Our adoption counselor, Sue, was so very patient with me. It was difficult to choose, but she let me take my time and I’m so glad I did.