Barney has been a fantastic addition to our family. He loves to play fetch with his toys and he runs in big wide circles in our backyard which has my son in stitches.

He sleeps in his crate at night, many times going in on his own, especially the days we are outside a lot. He has never been alone at anytime. There is always someone home which really suits him fine. He just loves people.

I am his primary caretaker, so he follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom. Almost every night when he is tuckered out he lays next to me on the couch getting his belly rubbed! LOL  He is great with other dogs. The last couple of weeks he has been excited about going for rides in the truck. He loves his head out the window with his ears flapping in the breeze.

I have worked very hard on getting him house trained.  I take him out frequently and tell him to do his “business“ – with no playing until he does it.  Then the long wait begins.  He sniff around for a while to find “his” spot, then sniffs some more, and then some more … must be the beagle in him! LOL 

One other thing that I haven’t ever seen in a dog is his lack of interest in any types of treats. After trying a least a dozen types , I finally found one that he will eat. However, he never eats eat right away. He plays with it for a few minutes and then eats it or leaves it for a little later. With that said food reward training has not worked. I just give him a lot of praise and play with his toys. Every day he becomes more of a joy to have as he grows accustomed to his new life. Thank you for all your help and support!