Our journey to adopt two cats brought us to NEAS. We had a specific pair in mind and as we entered the viewing room to see them, a paw and loud meowing greeted me and I bent down to pat a cute little girl named Marie. She kept at me until we walked away to find the duo we came to get.

We were overwhelmed with the decision so went home to think about it and I just couldn’t get my mind off that paw reaching for me. My mind was made up that we had to have her so the next morning we made the adoption of Marie final and it has been amazing ever sinc !!!

She is a love…friendly, affectionate and so much fun ! One week later we adopted her sister Nibbler (now Millie) and we couldn’t be happier. They have bonded and have a blast playing together, chasing the laser pointer and destroying the house. They sleep with us (or on us) depending on their mood…they join us no matter what we are doing or when we are doing it.

Marie is stealth and you never know where/when she is around. She acts like a parrot sitting on our son’s shoulder as he walks around the house. She prefers to sit on our chests or laptops when we watch TV.

Millie likes to lounge and sit next to us on the couch. She also has set up shop on a blanket in the family room window. She is pretty laid back compared to Marie who is extremely chatty. We just love our new kitties and couldn’t be happier !!!! They seem happy too as you can see by the photo!