Our new family member is adjusting quite nicely!  We love him and he loves us!  

We have renamed Rastus – his new name is “Little Buddy.”  He is the cutest thing, incredibly cuddly, purrs A LOT, and we are so happy that we adopted him. 

When we brought him home, we felt the best room to keep him in for the first week was our bedroom. It’s the largest room in the house, and would have lots of area to run around. He adjusted quite well, and didn’t seem to have any problem with being in that room. Since then, we have introduced him to the rest of the house, and he has a BLAST running all around….up and down the stairs… and out of rooms!  Lots of “kitten energy!” His favorite place to sleep is back in our bedroom, though. 

Little Buddy plays with his little “mice” toys, and a ball with a smiley face on it that he runs around after. He does have his mischievous moments. At bedtime, he jumps up on the bed and wants to play “bite the feet!”  We are trying to teach him that bed time is “sleepy time” and that biting feet is not fun for us! We rub his belly and chin, and he settles down quickly, and then all is quiet. 

He has had a few visitors come by who have been eager to meet him, and he is not frightened by new people. The only thing that seemed to frighten him was the trash and recycling trucks coming up the street on his first week here. We assured him it was only once a week, hopefully he understood, and to not be frightened of the noise. 🙂   Oh, I would say he is not fond of the vacuum cleaner noise, either!

Adopting Little Buddy (Rastus) was our first experience at adopting from a shelter. I have to say that we thought the whole process was great, very efficient, and we truly appreciate all the efforts that staff (both paid and volunteer) put forth in helping animals find new homes. You are to be commended! 

We love our new kitten so much. He has given us a lot of laughs, as well as a lot of love.