C.J. is now named Kona and he fits in so well with me and my boyfriend! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for us. His goofiness and obsession with playing ball keeps us on our toes but his relaxed personality at night is perfect for us. After we adopted Kona, we hired a dog trainer, Chris Park, who is AMAZING. We highly recommend him to anyone who wants to train their dog efficiently and in the right way. He’s still a work in progress on the leash but in the month that we’ve had him there has been tremendous improvement and he has really come a long way! Chris even said to us how smart Kona is and wanted us to tell you guys how he’s such a great and intelligent dog,

Since adopting Kona we brought him to the dog park, which he loves, as well as introducing him to both of our parents’ dogs and they all get along great! He’s just an all around happy and playful puppy which we are ecstatic about.

We have many funny stories, but where do we begin? He’s just a big goofball and makes us laugh every single day. When either of us comes home from work he’ll run right up to us and lean on our legs and then just flop on his back on the floor so he gets his belly pets. Also, when we throw the ball around with him he can literally play for hours and will bring the ball and drop it at our feet. The funny part about it is if we don’t pick it up fast enough he grabs it in his mouth and will drop it closer and closer each time until it’s literally on our feet.

Overall Kona is such a good boy and we are so thankful the Northeast Animal Shelter made the adoption process smooth and pleasant. Thank you for helping us find the perfect pup!