Hi all! I couldn’t resist an update on Gemma (formerly Lovey). My husband and I adopted our little black cat from Salem in October 2017 and when we met her, she was feisty and full of energy at 9 months old. Now, a few months later, she’s still very feisty and very playful, but also very sweet.

She is obsessed with breakfast and dinner time – usually swatting us awake at 6am to let us know she’s ready to start her day. She has more toys than she knows what to do with, but loves to jump around and chase anything that will move, bare feet included. She is full of personality and quite the social butterfly.

Gemma is always wherever we are, usually right under our feet! When she’s feeling sweet, she gifts us with love bites and plenty of cuddles. We are hoping for some (very closely supervised) walks outside whenever Spring decides to show up, and, so far, she’s a fan of car rides, unless it’s going to the vet – maybe more adventures are in her future!

Based on some of her history and adoption timeline (and obsession with food), we have a feeling that she maybe didn’t have the easiest start in her young life and we are blessed to give her a house to call home and a family to call hers. She’s certainly brought plenty of love and laughs to our life already and we couldn’t imagine a day now without her. Thank you sincerely for all of the work that you do at Northeast Animal Shelter and for taking care of our little gem until we could find her!